Snohomish County Youth Chorus - Snohomish, WA

Chorus Tours

2016 Seattle Heritage Festival:

Intermezzo and Bella Coro Choirs participated in Seattle Worldstrides Festival April 29 - May, 2016 where they earned a SILVER Award for Excellence in Performance.

2014 Seattle Heritage Festival:

The Intermezzo, Bella Voce/Ragazzo Coro Choirs participated in the Seattle Heritage Festival in May 2014. The Intermezzo Choir, under the direction of Grace Ferrell, earned a Silver Medal for their Jazz Ensemble Performance. Bella Voce/Ragazzo Coro, under the direction of Shelley Logan, entered in two categories: Vocal Jazz and Chamber Choir. They earned two gold medals for their performances and the choirs also went on the win the Sweepstakes award for their excellent performances at this festival.

2013 Anaheim Tour:

Our Intermezzo and Mixed Choir (Bella Voce and Ragazzo Coro combined) performed to the delight of the national judges and audience at the Anaheim Heritage Festival. Intermezzo brought home a Silver Medal and the Mixed Choir brought home a Gold Medal. After the hard work of perfoming, everyone enjoyed themselves at the "Happiest Place on Earth"...Disneyland!

2010 Canada Heritage Festival:

The Intermezzo and Bella Voce Choir traveled to Vancouver/Victoria B.C. on May 28-30, 2010 to perform in the Heritage Festival. While there, they also toured and saw a Broadway Show. See our group pictures from the festival below:

Also, listen to recordings of the Intermezzo Choir performing at the 2010 Canada Heritage Festival

2009 London Tour

While visiting England, they performed with the Birmingham Children's and Youth Choirs and the Hampshire Children's and Youth Choirs in Winchester. They also presented a fabulous concert at St. Faith's Church in Havant and had the opportunity to sing in the famed Salsbury Cathedral.

See pictures from our trip!

Chicago 2007 Heritage Festival:

The Bella Voce Choir won a gold medal. The Vocal Jazz Choir won a gold medal.

San Diego 2006 Heritage Festival:

The Snohomish Youth Bella Voce Singers won a gold medal for their preformace. The Snohomish Vocal Jazz Group won a gold medal for their preformance also. Both groups earned the Spirit of San Diego award for representing their commmunity and state at the 2006 Heritage Festival.

2004 Philadelphia Heritage Festival:

The choir toured in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C. They won two gold medals at the Heritage Festival in Philadelphia.

2002 San Fransisco Heritage Festival:

The Snohomish Youth Bella Voce Singers earned a gold medal. The Snohomish Vocal Jazz Singers earned a gold medal.